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Bike Fittting Service

Cycle Africa Bikes cares provide personalized bike fitting services in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to improve your comfort and tune your bike for optimal performance.


Bike fitting is the process of adjusting a rider’s bicycle to optimize performance, efficiency and comfort to the rider. Every rider’s ideal bike fit is different. That’s why bikes need to be adjusted to fit the rider’s needs.

The ideal bike fit is one that minimizes chances of injuries and gives the rider maximum performance and comfort as well efficiency for their effort.

Some of the key factors considered in bike fitting include:

  • Rider’s experience
  • Rider’s goals (completing a 30km ride)
  • Bike type

Our Bike Fitting Options

We offer a variety of bike fitting options to meet your needs. From our quick Performance fit to our complete fit, we have a fitting service suited for your riding style.

Quick Fit

Many cyclists have bikes that are not the right size which an cause back pain or other injuries while reducing pedaling efficiency. A Quick Fit service will adjust your bike’s saddle height and frame size to ensure comfort and efficiency.

Complete Fit

A complete fit involves measuring your body height, upper body, leg & arm length, shoulder width and foot size then we optimize your position on your bike to ensure you get the right size and set up for your requirements.

About Cycle Africa Bikes

Cycle Africa Bikes is a bicycle assembling, wholeselling and retailing company located in Kenya serving the East African Market (Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda) Our main focus is building bicycles that are fit for African terrain and it’s people.

Our mission is to be the pillar of family’s health and happiness through our provision of high performing, durable and top notch bicycles, accessories, services and events by promoting convenience and efficiency in health and leisure.

You can order your bike or accessories online in Dar Es Salaam from Cycle Africa Bikes and get it delivered via courier. We serve customers in other cities and towns such as Mwanza, Arusha, Dodoma among others. We also provide bike fitting services to optimize our customers’ bikes for efficiency, performance and comfort.

Bike Fitting – Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my bike need to be fitted?
Because bicycles come in different sizes and can be adjusted. Riders come in different sizes too but can’t be adjusted. By fitting your bike, you’ll be able to ride longer, safely, and more comfortably while minimizing chances for injuries.
How long will the bike fit take?
Typically, bike fitting sessions can take several minutes or at least two hours. Every fitting session is unique to the specific needs of the ride and we take as long as we can to ensure we complete the fit properly.
What do I need to do to get my bicycle fitted?
Please call or stop by our Nairobi shop to make an appointment so we can set aside time for a fitting session.
I had a bike fit elsewhere sometime ago, when do I need another?
How was the quality of the bike fitting? Not all fits give an optimal position. Also, if your riding style or body function changes, you need a new bike fit.
Will I need another bike fit again?
Fitting is an ongoing process as riders evolve as they ride. Sometimes riders relax their style as they get used to their new bicycle or get injuries hence need to change the fit. Annual bike fitting is recommended to re-evaluate your position.

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