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Buffalo Black Mamba Load bicycle


Buffalo Black Mamba Load bicycle


Buffalo connects the end-user directly with bicycle suppliers; the result is a robust bike engineered specifically for harsh, rural terrain and load requirements. Our in-country product development teams oversee a fleet of riders who test current and potential components under the most punishing field conditions.

Buffalo Bicycles are compatible with locally available spare parts. We also train Field Mechanics to service bikes. For large purchases, we provide field mechanic training to ensure your business or community is equipped with skilled mechanics to service and maintain your Buffalo. With proper care and maintenance, this durable bike will serve you for years.

why buffalo? Buffalo black mamba bikes are built to be as tough as the fierce African buffalo, a symbol of strength and power; hence the brand name buffalo bicycle. in swahili-speaking countries, our bicycles are branded “nyati,” the Swahili term for “buffalo.” all buffalo bicycles and spare parts are carefully branded to assure the end-users that they have purchased the genuine product rather than a low-quality imitation.