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Handy Bike Chain Lube


Handy Bike Chain Lube


The new and improved CYLION Dry Lube is a specialized lubricant used in high-end bicycle chains, transmission gears and other drivetrain components. DuPont Teflon and other special additives combine to give superior protection against mechanical wear, dust and unwanted noise. Even in rough road conditions and bad weather, the long-lasting performance of CYLION Dry Lube will give you a smooth and worry-free ride. The exclusive patented bottle cap design also ensures effective and waste-free lubricant application.

Handy bike chain lube for optimum drivetrain performance and smooth ride. CYLiON Bike chain Lube provides the ultimate lubrication for your bike chain. Designed with a unique rotatable gear nozzle that provides a thorough coating for your bike chains and a pipette tip that ensures accuracy during the application, you can keep your bike chain in perfect condition easily. Have a smooth and speedy riding experience with a well-lubed chain.