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Safety Helmets ,Grey


Safety Helmets ,Grey


Helmets protect you in a few different ways: they help the head slow down more gradually instead of hitting the ground quickly; they spread the impact over a larger area of your head, which helps you avoid a severe injury; and they prevent a direct hit on the skull, which can result in a fracture or worse.

  • FIT: One size fits most cycling helmets. Easily adjust from 54cm to 61cm to fit sizes small, medium, and large (not designed for XXL/62cm/24. 5 inches and up.)
  • COMFORTABLE:  bike helmet is padded, lightweight and aerodynamic to slice through the headwind.
  • BREATHABLE: 24 vents and contoured design with inside air-channels force ventilation through and around the bicycle helmet for a cool, comfortable ride.
  • SAFE: Constructed with high-quality EPS encased by PVC for top-tier protection. All Retrospec bike helmets are tested at a CPSC and EN lab for safety.